Cleveland Indians Rumored to be After JD Drew?

The ESPN rumor site is reporting that the Indians are one of the teams who might go after JD Drew who opted out of his deal with the Dodgers. While I would love to see him playing left field instead of Jason Michaels, I would like to point out to the ESPN rumor people that JD Drew OPTED OUT OF A DEAL PAYING HIM $33 MILLION FOR THREE YEARS.

That, my friends, means he is looking to make some value MORE than $11 million per season. So, tell me again how the Indians are listed as one of the teams on your rumor site? Tell me how that makes any sense?

CC Sabathia made $7.25 million as the highest paid player on the team. Tell me how it makes sense to bring in a guy, over-the-top of every one of your current players? That should make negotiations in the coming years, just a real dream as everyone has an instant benchmark for their own money-making abilities in the game of baseball.

Plus, I would hope that if the Indians were going to spend over $11 million on free agents this season that they might look to put a couple people in the bullpen, where the last time I checked there isn't a single closer warming up.

So, yeah, ESPN, I don't think the Indians should really be attached to JD Drew. Or maybe I have no concept for what Larry Dolan is willing to spend this season to turn this team into a contender.