Cleveland Loses Casey Coleman

Casey Coleman was one of the last of the sportscasters in Cleveland who could really help tie this city back to the glory days of the Browns in the 80's. He was on the front lines as they left town for Baltimore. He was well-respected as a sports guy so much in Cleveland that he made his way to one of the biggest radio morning shows in the city despite the fact that it wasn't about sports. Coleman became the voice of the Browns after this city lost another favorite voice, Nev Chandler, to cancer in 1994.

Casey Coleman died this morning after fighting pancreatic cancer for a year. He was 55.

I will always be able to hear Casey Coleman's voice in my head as a voice of the Browns. And as the Browns seemingly hit rock bottom for the Nth time since returning in 1999 yesterday against the Bengals, they also lose a living legend, in Coleman.

If you want to get to know exactly who Casey Coleman was, you can read about a conversation he had with Akron Beacon Journal writer Terry Pluto, upon finding out that the doctors gave him six months to live.

At the time, this story was heartwarming. Today it reads like a eulogy.