Joe Piscopo | Comedian, Actor & Musical Entertainer
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In his career, Joe has supported many charities with his involvement and visibility as a public figure.

Who is Joe Piscopo?

Throughout his life, Joe Piscopo has worn many hats. He has worked in many aspects of the entertainment history. Perhaps you may best know him for hosting your Sunday morning radio show. Did you know that Joe Piscopo has also been a television and film actor? And that he has also done stand-up comedy routines at famous nightclubs? Joe Piscopo has worked all of these different kinds of jobs and more. And he has been popular in all of his efforts in the entertainment industry. His work in television and film and comedy shows have all been highly praised.

As a comedian, Mr. Piscopo has worked in both television shows such as Saturday Night Live. And he has also done live comedy shows at nightclubs through the United States. You have probably seen him in the 1980’s where he portrayed a bunch of characters on various comedy skits on Saturday Night Live. Mr. Piscopio was probably most famous for his portrayal of Frank Sinatra on SNL.  Famously, his tenure on SNL and comedy television was well received by audiences. In fact, he was only one of the two comedians that were kept on SNL after the writers and cast had been changed. Joe Piscopo’s time on SNL will be remembered by a lot of the audience. He came up with some truly hilarious characters on the show such as the Sports Guy and other celebrity impersonations.

On the big screen, Mr. Piscopo has been in some big Hollywood films. He has been a member of the cast of the 1976 film King Kong. And he has also been famously cast in movies such as The House of God and Johnny Dangerously. He also starred in the film, Wise Guys, with Danny Devito.

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Television and film, are not the only places which have feature, Mr. Piscopo. Joe has also had his own time to shine on the stage in Broadway. Joe has starred in some Broadway productions. One of those Broadway productions is grease, where he starred as one of the disc jockeys.


Mr. Piscopo has also done work hosting and reporting as well. He continues to host a radio show on AM970 the answer. It is broadcast live from New York City. He has also been a guest panel on the Fox News Channel. Mr. Piscopo has also been the co-host of the Columbus Day Parade in New York City.


Joe Piscopo continues to work in the entertainment industry today. He tours with a live band for his multimedia comedy shows. He portrays Frank Sinatra as one of his celebrity impersonations for this comedy show. Part of his act is that he sings and dances for a live audience. And he also does stand-up comedy with his signature humor. Joe Piscopo’s live comedy shows continue to draw audiences around the country, including Canda. Mr. Piscopo is invited to large festivals, both for music and comedy. Joe Piscopo continues to have a wide appeal to millions of Americans.


How A Chamber Vacuum Sealer Works

Chamber vacuum sealers are excellent home equipment that helps in keeping food fresh; there arevarieties of this product in the market. They are large in size. The chamber size and vacuum pump enable the sealing of multiple bags of food on time. Despite the variety of product manufacturers, sous vide chamber vacuum sealers are expensive.

  1. Packaging the Food Products.

A Ziploc or sous vide bags can be used for placement of the food. A good method that is advised is that the top of the bag is folded. In order to keep the top of the bag tidy, as it is the area that will be sealed.

  1. Filling the Chamber Sealer with the Packaged Food

After the food successfully packaged, it is transferred into the chamber vacuum sealer. There are two ends of the bags, the end that is open goes over the sealing bar. It is then tucked back into the chamber of the sealer. In order to start the sealing cycle and engage the vacuum pump, it is recommended to close the lid as firm as possible.

  1. The Vacuum Sealing Cycle

The Vacuum sealing cycle begins just as the food is placed into the chamber and the lid is covered. With regards to producing a firmly sealed package for solid food, it is advised to reduce the reduce the pressure within the range of 5-50mbar

  1. The reason why the bags do puff

The pressure will first be a little bit higher in the bag than in the chamber because air rushes out the chamber vacuum sealer faster than it absconds in the bag. This is the reason behind it puffing up inside the chamber

  1. The Heat Sealing Step

Sealing the bags at the end of the vacuum-sealing cycle is recommended so that air will be avoided from finding its way into the bag. This can be carried out using heat sealing bars and the longer the bars are sealed the more the plastic will melt.

  1. The End of the Vacuum Sealing Cycle

After concluding the heat-sealing step, a valve is opened and the chamber is refilled with air. Air cannot enter the bag since it is sealed, the plastic bag collapse around the food with the aid of atmospheric pressure. This concludes the sealing cycle.

Corporate Gifts from Giftcity: Market Your Business to Clients in the Entertainment Industry

Every business on this face of the earth yearns for a strategy to reach out to its clients or target audience, thereby increasing the revenue of the business. A corporate gift is an impressive medium to market a business. There are a great number of businesses utilizing the strategy of corporate gifting as one of their marketing strategies. The rise in numbers of companies adopting this marketing strategy is because of theease at which one can acquire promotional itemsfrom giftcity and the personalizing them into corporate gifts. This is one of the best ways among the few available on promoting a business at an affordable price.

Corporate gifts are not just for marketing of your business, they are utilized in maintaining a relationship with your clients or employees. Giving these promotional items to your clients, you make a lasting impression of how much you appreciate their patronage towards your business. Offering gifts your employees expresses how much appreciate their input towards the productivity of your business. One thing to take note of is that when purchasing any gift of choice, Always have in mind that it is quality over anything but your budget. This gives your company the good look you are initially after. These gifts can be offered to the clients and employees during special occasions or holidays, they include birthdays, Seminars, dinners and annual general meetings.

A good brand image is the best bet for survival in the competitive market. Corporate gifting is one of the most effective and economicalways of ensuring the promotion of a company’s brand. Select gifts of good quality, they are durable and they will create a strong impression on your clients or employees mind. Ensure that details of your company are printed on the gifts just so your brand is not out of their attention.

There is the provision of a catalog for you to make the right gift selection from, and giftcity, as well as many other corporate gift companies, make this available. It is best to thoroughly go through this booklet before agreeing to a deal or starting negotiations.

Solid Wood Flooring: The Perfect Solution to your TV Studio Flooring

These days wood flooring can be made from planks from exotic woods or old barns which get rid of the dust of finishing on site. In time past, groove strips in maple or oak and the old- fashioned solid wood tongue where the only options available for wood flooring. Most recently, you can have a substitute to wood. The substitute is wood laminate.It looks more like wood in appearance. It is cheaper cost wise.

The use of solid wood floor is not possible everywhere, despite the fact that it is beautiful, they are not suitable for some places. It is laid out by nailing to a sub-floor. For places with concrete, Solid wood is not an option. There might be problems in height where the floor is meeting a room. This problem occurs if a subfloor is added between the concrete and the wood flooring. Placement of wood flooring in thebasement is not advisable because if thewood flooring is exposed to moisture it results in expansion. On the other hand, Buckling and squeaking occur as a result of humidity.

Homeowners are beginning to set a trend of purchasing wood flooring with the finish being factory applied. Factory finishes are not bad because they are tougher than polyurethanes when both are compared. The polyurethanes are applied in the field during the wood floor placement.  The factory applied finish eliminates fumes from finishing, dust from sanding and waiting before walking on the floor. The disadvantage to pre-flooring is the evidence of slight dips and bumps where the floor is not leveled perfectly. This is caused by the fact the floor is not sanded after it is installed.

V-groovesare made available for flooring to hide misalignments. In the sense that when it is together, the edges of the placed flooring are not in contact and noticing any imperfection in the alignment will be difficult. There will be little or no imperfections in the alignment. The V grooves will become darken because of the dirt it is exposed to.

Finishing after installation has the advantage of you staining the floor to your liking. If you like, the yellowish tone of wood, but do not admire the grain of theoak. This is an example of what you can do with finishing after installing the wood flooring. Employ the expertise of a professional, for they understand how to go about finishing properly.

Lift Make: Look like An Ageless TV Superstar

It is each and everyladies fantasy to have that perfect and beautifulskin, no stress about age spots, wrinkles, or any other skin issues or imperfections. That’s why Lift Make, a brand new product in the skin care market, istransforming the regular-based methods of treatment in dermatology. This brand new cream offers a reliable and effective change in the skin of ladies. It reverses the skin back to its primal beauty, giving it a smooth and flexible texture. And also, it prevents the skin from getting facial lines, expression marks, and wrinkles.

It consists of natural components which have been tested in the laboratory to be an effective anti-aging cream without any side effects, which prevents aging marks and expressions on the skin.

Lift Make cosmetic product gives an appealing treatment through natural means, slowing down the impacts of an aging skin on ladies. It is also of great advantage to people who cannot afford or aren’t interested in plastic or Botox surgery.

The most intriguing aspect of the results by this product is its components, gotten from natural sources adept in reducing aging effects, removing wrinkles, and skin moisturizing. You would be amazed at the results that one would think could only be possible by plastic surgery.

Just after three weeks of applying the product, you would be amazed at how so much has changed in your facial skin, giving you not only the desired natural beauty but also that self-confidence in your newly improve skin.

The massive mystery of Like Make is the elements of its formula: these elements work on the skin directly causing the protein called collagen found beneath the skin to be produced more effectively, thereby resulting in connecting tissues beneath the skins which reduce the wrinkles on the facial skin. Also, it causes hydration in the skin which increases the water content, therefore leaving the skin plump and smooth with no wrinkles.

Image Revive: Look Young and Elegant for That Late Night Show

A lot of women apply various methods and techniques just to get rid of the displeasing look of skin imperfections such as wrinkles and aging marks so as to maintain that young and beautiful appearance, though the results are hardly achieved. Image revive is a highly developed anti-aging product which guarantees the restoration of the skin to bring your skin to its primal and perfect beauty by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and unwanted aging marks. To find out about this product the review is written below.

An ideal approach to applying the product

  • Remove all impurities from your face by using a mild cleanser
  • Apply a few drops of Image Revive on your face and neck area
  • Spread it around the whole surface of the skin until it is absorbed fully

Note: To get a genuine and satisfying outcome, the product should be applied daily for 60days.

Benefits of Image Revive

  1. Wipes out dark spots, uneven skin, and tanned skin
  2. Improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Reactivates the amount of elastin and collagen to provide elasticity and rigidity to your skin
  4. Improves the texture of the skin
  5. Encourages new skin cell growth
  6. Removes the development of crow’s feet, puffiness, and dark circles
  7. Gives a moisturized, youthful, and perfect skin
  8. Reduces early aging signs by monitoring perilous impacts of free-radicals
  9. Prevents extended skin damage by shielding your skin from excessive sunlight and polluted environment


Is it harmless to use Image revive?

Yes, it is! Imagine revive is a harmless and safe skincare product. This product is improved with a restrictive mix of natural components. And also laboratory test have been carried out on these components by highly skilled professionals keeping in mind the end goal is to achieve safe outcomes. Thus it is guaranteed that Image Revive is free from chemicals, fillers, and binders, subsequently conveying a totally safe outcome. Still not certain about the results? You can take a free trial pack and take a test of the product to see the results for yourself.

Women Fat Burners to Get Ripped: Get That Awesome Body To Boost Your Confidence

Fat burners help to enhance fat loss; they turn out to be effective if some steps are taken in consideration. There are various factors to be considered also before purchasing women fat burners to get ripped. It is important that you consider these factors if you want the fat burners to be effective. Many At times ignore one or more of these key ingredients, and they expect to burn fat. This will then lead many of them to a state of frustration because of the result is not as they predicted.

  1. A comprehensive exercise program. Having an easy to follow exercise routine planned out is a key ingredient to burn fat. At least an hour duration of workout session in the gym or within your residence with a personal trainer is enough. During your leisure time, if you go for a walk that is a plus, as it will stand as an opportunity to breathe.
  2. A nutrition plan that is concentrated towards fat loss. At least 400 calories should be cut-off from your daily diet. It sounds difficult but sincerely it is easy if only you dedicate interest and focus attention on the content of your food intake. Concentrate on consuming more of fruits, veggies, and lean protein. Your target towards protein should be 0.4 to 1.0 gram per pound of your body weight. This may sound counter-intuitive but it is advised you eat fat, as you must consume fat to get rid of fat. Cutting off all the bad carbs and sugars from your diet ensures the potency of this advice. Following this instruction on your diet will help reduce your duration of exercising.
  3. The last but not the least is acquiring a fat burner. This will make you experience some elevation in both your mood and energy and will also assist to burn off a few calories during your exercise or workout It is advised you look out for women fat burners to get ripped. Focus on the products from well established or with high-quality make-up or ingredients. Best for Undercounter Ice Makers at Your Shows

Undercounter icemakers ensure the provision of ice without taking much freezer space. Pondering on where to purchase the best undercounter ice maker for your business? is the answer. To ensure your restaurants is stocked with ice, undercounter ice makers are the best option for the list of icemakers. Everyone loves the idea of having fresh ice cube at his or her disposal and for the customers. This is part of restaurant management that is very important in getting your brand together but it is overlooked.

In the events of hosting a party or barbecue hang-out, one might need more ice that the home freezer can provide. The icemaker built in home freezers are not powerful to satisfy the need of more ice. Employing a residential ice maker ensure the provision of ice that is more than enough. This will save the stress of purchasing ice from the store multiple times the same day.

Comparing the performance between modern ice makers and the old ones available, the difference in performance and efficiency is quite obvious. The production rate of most modern ice maker is about 80 pounds of ice per day. This production capacity makes it very useful for entertainers and small-scale businesses. Throwing an outdoor party requires you filling a large cooler with drinks; with modern ice makers, you can be relaxed with regards to the provision of ice. The quality of the ice can be controlled and filtration of impurities is possible.

There are many ice makers in the market, put all the variety in one place for your comparison, selection and finally purchase. You have the benefits of comparing the various specifications of the various ice makers available. Do your research on ice makers in order to ensure you purchase the product that meets your needs. Purchasing an ice maker that is too small is not a good idea, this error in selecting the best ice maker defeats the investment objective.

Buying Car Parts: Getting Your Car in Good Shape For That Important Event

Regardless of the fact that you mend cars for your friends and family or if you have the desire to make your automobile more attractive. It is good you know that car refinishing and repairing is an expensive passion. Some amount of money will be laid out to purchase the car parts for the task. Generally, there are both expensive and inexpensive car parts in the market; all that is required is having a budget at sight. Below you will someinformation that will help you organize your process accordingly and give you insights:

The classified section in the local newspaper and automobile related publications is a good bet to publicize what you are looking for and discover what you could possibly need. You should make your contact details available so communicating with you will be made easy. This advertisement will inform automobile aficionado about your requirement and they will most definitely come up with ideas to meet your needs.

After you have successfully reached out to the aficionados and you gotten feedback, it is best you convey your ideas to them in the most comprehensive form. You can suggest the idea of developing a club of car parts at discount prices, in order to save money by making bulk purchases of car parts.

Utilize a search engine or the search box provided on your browser. Sort through the internet by Typing “cheap car parts”, “affordable car parts” or “wholesale car parts”. Not all online store take minimum orders of hundreds of dollars but there are many available for this clause and also against the minimum order you can be entitled to warranty or free shipping on your order.

On Arrival of the car parts purchased, Contact the members of your club on Discount car parts so they can individually come and pick up their orders and make the necessary payments. Everyone in the club including you personally will notice how much has been saved in purchasing the car parts. This will definitely be a motivation to make future orders.Definitely, word will be out everywhere by the members of your club to their friends and family spreading. This is a very successful venture to invest. After a successful order, word will be out everywhere by the members of your club to their friends and family.

Pest Control for Your TV Studio and Entertainment Centers

Pest control to the management of a species recognized as a pest. There various types of pest control and the major types include Biological pest control, Mechanical pest control, and physical pest control. The treatment against pest is not an optional home improvement service, It is mandatory. It is advised that at most once every two months, a pest control technician should be present at your residence. For it will make a difference in ensuring your safety from pestsand ensure you a healthy and clean home.

Pest Control can either be a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) or Professional. Professional pest control services identify pests that can cause structural damage right on time. In order to ensure the longevity of your home. Pest as their objectives state is to cause damage and they do not affect the structure of your home. They affect other areas in your home like the electrical wiring, furniture and can spread diseases. Below you will find some reasons why regular treatment against pest is necessary for your home:

Prevent Fire Hazard –Rodents are examples of pests. They are known for chewing as a means of filing their teeth down. Failure for a rodent to gnaw their teeth, it will act as a constraint for them to eat because of their teeth growth. An average residential space has enough items for rodents to gnaw their teeth. Examples of rodents are mice and rats. They chew on electrical wiring. They expose the electrical cable which can cause a serious fire hazard.

Prevent the Spread of Diseases – Rodents and insects have droppings or come in contact with food items thereby causing disease for occupants of the home they infested. Their droppings when dried contaminates the air. Examples of the pests that attributed to this act include rats and roaches.Roach droppings are dangerous to kids as it contributes to asthma while rats can facilitate the transfer of Hantavirus and other diseases. Cleaning of the waste by a pest control specialist will minimize the damage.

Potential Pest Problems are caught early – Reproduction by most rodents or insects is quite rapid when they find a suitable habitat. A pest control technician will be able to locate pest infestations or habitat and prevent them from further reproduction.

Should You Buy Views on YouTube for Your Marketing Videos?

Various providers deal in the business of selling views for YouTube, so if you decide to patronize them and buy views on YouTube, you want to ensure that you order from a top-quality provider. There are also various requirements for businesses and they vary across the different industries. If for the growth of your business you made promotional videos for your business, there is the tendency you will opt in to purchasing views for your YouTube content.

A very important advice is that you go in search of high-quality service providers for paid views. Avoid the cheap option available in the market. Either you will end up being ripped or you end up losing your investment towards buying views for the growth of your business. Due to a lot of crooked vendors, many requiring to purchase views often shy from the option. This action is most definitely influenced by personal past experience or the experience of someone close. This shady vendoroffers to deliver you thousands of view for their price, after playing your part of making apayment you end up with no progress in the views stats.

One important rule with purchasing anything either physical purchase or over the internet is that carry out a proper research on the product you intend on purchasing. Do your research on the paid views market and give your attention to the reviews on the various vendors you find. Inspects the website or blog of the vendors you are able to find and confirm the legitimacy of the vendor. Check their past jobs and confirm from their past clients if they fulfill their promise.

The Cons of Buying Views

There are cons associated with when you buy views on YouTube. For example, purchasing views from an illegitimate vendor can result in termination of account on YouTube. YouTubedo not appreciate the ideas of people buying views and it violates the terms of service of the website. If you are unfortunately caught and there are trails of the offense on your account. Your account terminated is not only terminated, the views to the video and the video itself will automatically be deleted from the website.

Buying Views – Should you buy?

The choice is up to you to make on if you will buy views on YouTube or not.  If you are careful enough, buying views on YouTube will not get you into trouble. In addition, many understand the values of fake views if utilized properly. If you cannot bear the risk of buying views, the choice is understandable.

Things to Avoid When Buying a Chicken Plucker for Sale for that Huge Entertainment Party

Without bringing any harm to the bird, a good chicken plucker for sale will assist in removing the feathers from your birds. The speed and accuracy of this machine to pluck out the feathers of birds are attributed to the sophisticated technology of the machine. The machine plucks out the feathers neatly and executes this task within a short time duration. When compared with manual removal of the feather, the machine is faster with respect to timing and effectiveness in the removal manually cannot be compared with the machine efficiency.

The choice of the best chicken plucker for sale is very important because an error in this selection can cause many issues. Below are some of the mistakes to avoid when choosing the best chicken plucker to meet your needs:

Focus on the Cost of Acquiring the Machine

A comparison should be made on the cost of the machine you intend buying and the other ones in the market. This comparison should be based on other features that make up the machine, features like durability, portability, technology and other factors that have varying interest. Considering size as a factor; if you running a small scale business, it is definitely required you get a plucker small or medium sized. Investing your budget on a large sized chicken plucker for sale will eat through your budget.

Less Consideration on the Number of Birds

Just before acquiring the machine for your business, it is best you have a view of if you will be running a large-scale or small-scale business. In addition, your decision can also be influenced by considering the future expansion of your business. With this knowledge, you will understand the number of birds you will run your business on. Purchasing a small sized plucker that has about 9 or 12 fingers have the capacity to de-feather just a bird at a time. Investing in a large pluckers ensure the de-feathering of more than one bird at a time, thereason is that the machine has about 90 – 100 fingers. It is advised you avoid purchasing the wrong chicken plucker for sale for your business; it defeats the objective of the investment in the first place.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Vacuum Sealer for Your Kitchen

Our consumption of perishables daily is very high. The need for storage and preservation is very important these days. Vacuum sealers play a very important role in ensuring the durability and freshness of food. When you want to purchase the best small sous vide vacuum sealer review available either at the market or online, at some you will be confused on which is really the best among the best. This confusion is because of the variety of the product available in the market. Below are basic specifications you should look out for when buying vacuum sealers.

  1. The Sealing Quality

The sealing quality of the vacuum sealer is the first factor to look out. Since sealing is the main purpose of this machine, it is very important to look out for this first factor before purchasing. If this factor of the vacuum sealer is functioning effectively, it will affect the durability of the food sealed. There will be exposure to the sealed food to moisture, oxygen and other air-borne particles.

  1. The Density of the Storage Material

The materials for storage should be dense; it ensures the security of your food from an external substance like oxygen and moisture. The bags should be very thick if you have a number of perishables you want to be stored for later use. Denser bags assures more durability that the thinner options available for purchase in the market. It is best to pick the thick options over the thin, in order to maximize the protection of your food.

  1. Type Of Sealing To Be Used

The Vacuum sealers available in the market vary, as there are sealers available for residential (home) use and there are sealers available for commercial use. They come in several forms; they include the bottle/jar form, zip lock patterns, some in form of meshes, cover/bags and much more. It is advised to choose the best vacuum sealer that meets your needs or requirement, either personal or business.

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