Joe Piscopo | Comedian, Actor & Musical Entertainer
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In his career, Joe has supported many charities with his involvement and visibility as a public figure.

Who is Joe Piscopo?

Throughout his life, Joe Piscopo has worn many hats. He has worked in many aspects of the entertainment history. Perhaps you may best know him for hosting your Sunday morning radio show. Did you know that Joe Piscopo has also been a television and film actor? And that he has also done stand-up comedy routines at famous nightclubs? Joe Piscopo has worked all of these different kinds of jobs and more. And he has been popular in all of his efforts in the entertainment industry. His work in television and film and comedy shows have all been highly praised.

As a comedian, Mr. Piscopo has worked in both television shows such as Saturday Night Live. And he has also done live comedy shows at nightclubs through the United States. You have probably seen him in the 1980’s where he portrayed a bunch of characters on various comedy skits on Saturday Night Live. Mr. Piscopio was probably most famous for his portrayal of Frank Sinatra on SNL.  Famously, his tenure on SNL and comedy television was well received by audiences. In fact, he was only one of the two comedians that were kept on SNL after the writers and cast had been changed. Joe Piscopo’s time on SNL will be remembered by a lot of the audience. He came up with some truly hilarious characters on the show such as the Sports Guy and other celebrity impersonations.

On the big screen, Mr. Piscopo has been in some big Hollywood films. He has been a member of the cast of the 1976 film King Kong. And he has also been famously cast in movies such as The House of God and Johnny Dangerously. He also starred in the film, Wise Guys, with Danny Devito.

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Television and film, are not the only places which have feature, Mr. Piscopo. Joe has also had his own time to shine on the stage in Broadway. Joe has starred in some Broadway productions. One of those Broadway productions is grease, where he starred as one of the disc jockeys.


Mr. Piscopo has also done work hosting and reporting as well. He continues to host a radio show on AM970 the answer. It is broadcast live from New York City. He has also been a guest panel on the Fox News Channel. Mr. Piscopo has also been the co-host of the Columbus Day Parade in New York City.


Joe Piscopo continues to work in the entertainment industry today. He tours with a live band for his multimedia comedy shows. He portrays Frank Sinatra as one of his celebrity impersonations for this comedy show. Part of his act is that he sings and dances for a live audience. And he also does stand-up comedy with his signature humor. Joe Piscopo’s live comedy shows continue to draw audiences around the country, including Canda. Mr. Piscopo is invited to large festivals, both for music and comedy. Joe Piscopo continues to have a wide appeal to millions of Americans.


Reasons Why You Must Choose Impianto Dentale

Why settle for removable dentures that can cause embarrassing convenience when removing it and needs adhesives, which can be messy sometimes, to keep them intact if you can have impianto dentale which is permanent, very durable, last for many years and even a lifetime if properly taken care of. The following are some of the reasons why you should choose the oral surgery over other options.


  • Comfort. Who does not want to feel comfortable? Well, almost everybody will agree they want to be. The implants become part of you and you will feel just like it is your natural teeth, which is why you will really feel comfortable while eating, talking and smiling. It is also cosy and comfy because you do not have to remove it every now and then.
  • Enhanced Oral Health. By using this dental surgery, other teeth do not need to be reduced, thus they are left intact which will improve oral health. Easier access between teeth is also possible with the use of the individual implants. This will of course result to enhanced oral hygiene which will help you avoid other kinds of sicknesses and diseases. Keep in mind that your mouth can be a source of these illnesses. You do not want this to happen
  • Better Speech. Unlike the removable dentures which can slip within your mouth causing you to slur or mumble your words plus the fact that it is totally an embarrassing experience if it gets out of your mouth, the implants being the permanent type allows you to speak without worrying that your dentures might slip. This will give you high level of self-esteem which you need to carry on a presentation or finish a specific task.
  • Improved and Better Appearance. Because implants feel and look like your own natural teeth, it can definitely improve your appearance. Imagine a face without teeth, this will look like always sad and sunken, which is why with the help of the oral surgery, you will be able to feel good about yourself again. Everytime you look at the mirror, what you will see is a person wearing that perfect smile and ready to face the world. This will also have psychological effects in a way that you will be more optimistic and have a brighter point of view about life.

Knowing these reasons will help you choose to undergo the dental procedure if your dentist told you to do so. You do not have to worry about the different stages in the process because at the end of the day, the main goal of it is to bring back that set of teeth you needed to live normally again. Browsing site like Impianto Dentale  will give you further reasons why you must choose the oral surgery. Never settle for less when you can have the best and do not go for temporary solutions if there is a permanent one. Keep in mind that dental hygiene must always be given utmost importance all of the time.


5 Best Trampolines For Your Kids Safety

As a parent, it is vital that you are able to deliver safety to your child in whatever circumstances in life. When it comes to playing, children are prone to accidents because physically their body has not yet fully matured, unlike adults. Their way of thinking would also affect their actions which are the reason why parental guidance is always a must. Finding the best trampoline for safety use is important. Nowadays, the use of trampoline became popular among homeowners. It has been around for many decades but back in the day, trampolines are mainly used for a professional gymnast and health enthusiast.

What are the factors in finding the best trampoline for safety? Make sure that all of these will meet your trampoline needs. These are mainly the basis on how you can have the right type of trampoline.

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Bounce
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Shape and its size

Here are the following 5 best trampolines for safety of your kids.

  1. Big trampoline with a safety skirt, Vulvy thunder- this follows the safety measure in assuring that your kid will be kept in a good position even while trampolining. It serves to have a good bounce. This kind of trampoline is springless which is a plus point for safety. This is designed according to how trampolines were traditionally made.
  2. 15’ trampoline with basketball hoop and safety enclosures, Skywalker- having a child that is fond of playing basketball would love this kind of trampoline. This also comes with a safety enclosure in which you can replace it every after few months of using.
  3. Octagon shape Magic circle with 16’ trampoline- this claims to be the sturdiest type of trampoline that your kid could ever own. So, it is expected that its price is expensive. Since it is made out of hard materials, this is quite not easy to assemble. Although the shape is not similar to a standard type of trampoline it is still considered a safe to use.
  4. Full enclosure net system trampoline, Skybound- known for its sturdy and bouncy quality. You are guaranteed that it is relatively very safe for your child. Its springs are usually rust resistant which is a plus points in adding a safe environment as your child is playing.
  5. Inflated air bounce house trampoline- its unique features make it more exciting because of the way it can bounce. Most of the kids would enjoy this type of trampoline because it comes with great accessories that you will ever love as well.

These are mainly best trampolines for safety that are best suited for your child’s play and even to adults as well. Now that you have an idea as to which trampoline you’d like to purchase in combination with the factors that in finding the best trampoline. Expect for more activities that you can do with a trampoline. It is great for a family bonding while you are making memories together with your child.

Top Rated Survival Knife- Top Three Picks  

If you are fond of outdoor adventures, then you should know that there is no way that you will make it out there without the right survival tools. This is especially true if you go to the wild. Whether you are going hunting or you just want to experience some exciting outdoor camping, the right tools will help ensure that you are safe. They ensure too that you are able to do all the necessary things that you need to do to survive out there. A knife is very necessary for trips like these so, getting a top rated survival knife should be a priority for you.

It can be hard to take a pick from so many choices out there. To make things easier, we recommend some of the best and top rated survival knife that you can find. Check out each of these choices and pick out the one that you think is most representative of your outdoor and survival needs.

Fallkniven A1

This Swedish knife is definitely on the top tier of the best survival knives in the world today. Durable and strong, laminated steel blade ensures that it will be one that is capable of standing its ground when it comes to demanding work in the wild. It is simple and straightforward at 11.3 inches long. It does not come cheap though. But then again the best often don’t.

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Knife

Considering how this comes with an endorsement from a man who really knows his stuff, it is not a surprise to see that this is one of the best survival knives out there. The blade is at 4.8 inches and a total length of 10 inches. It is available in both a serrated and a fine edged blade. This is a knife that is made from strong and durable carbon. The grip is strong too. If you are looking for knives that have been known for their high-grade quality, Gerber is a spot on choice.

ESEE 6 Survival Knife

If what you want is high quality that has since been tested through time, ESEE is definitely a brand that can offer that. This knife is definitely not an exception. It has an overall length of 11.75 inches. The blade is designed not only for chopping small branches; it would be perfect for batoning wood too. It is also a good choice for skinning animals. For the myriad of things that you are likely going to need to use a knife for when you are outdoors, this is one knife that will definitely not shy away from doing the dirty work.

Just always remember though that when it comes to choosing a top rated survival knife, the blade needs to be fixed and not folded. You want a stable and powerful knife that you can depend on when you are out in the wild. Folding knives just will not be able to offer you that.                                                        

How To Choose A Dog Kennel

Providing pet quality care assures the health and well-being of your dog or cat. Just like humans, meeting the basic needs such as food, water, shelter, clean air and environment must be given. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your pets are taken cared-of with love. Shelter is one of the major needs that you’ll have to guarantee that your dog is living a comfortable life with you. There are so many recommended dog kennels that you find all over the internet. People who own a pet would also suggest to you few shops where they have ordered or brought their dog kennels.

Going through the recommended dog kennels that your friends or family have advised. It is best that you go through a process of choosing the right shelter for your dog. If you are able to choose the right one for you, this will give you a peace of mind. Remember that you’ll need to prepare your dog or cat in boarding into the kennel. Here are the following tips that you’ll need to consider in choosing for the right dog kennel.

  1. Quality- always check for the quality such as the materials used so you can weigh your options whether you’re going to purchase it or not. Materials include plastic, soft sided crates and wires.

For travellers

There are portable dog kennels that you can shop. Make sure that the quality and its materials are provided according to its usage. As much as possible read reviews of the product prior to investing a portable dog kennel.

  1. Budget- if you happened to check out a recommended dog kennelsthat was given to you by a friend, family or you have seen Ads, it is best that you make a comparison for every price. If you base it on the brand, expect that it is not cheaper because there are selling brands that have higher and better quality.
  2. Aim for the right size- dog kennels comes in different sizes. This is where you will determine the kind of kennel that you will buy. If you have a large sized dog, you’ll need to buy a bigger dog kennel that will fit the comfort of your dog and smaller kennels for smaller dogs. Remember that you do not need to buy a kennel that is too large for your dog.
  3. Product brand- most people would go for a classification of dog kennel that comes with a brand. So, if you are this type of person in which branded products matters most just make sure that you can beat the price?

The advantage of product recommendation

The good thing about a recommended dog kennels that comes from your friends or family is that you can also experience the convenience of the product that they have purchased at a certain shop. Most of the recommendations are 80 to 100% chance effective with a high quality materials and achievable prices.

Information for People That Want to Start Using Horlaxen But Are Afraid to Get Started

Horlaxen can best be described as a German diet supplement that promotes muscle growth and also optimizes your sexual performance at the same time. It works? Learn more in our test report. Horlaxen happens to be a dietary supplement that is in pill form. Take two tablets per day to aid an exercise and diet program. By constantly using the pill, you could boost the growth of thin muscle mass, reduce your recovery time and improve your serial performance.


Horlaxen info

Of course, these represent similar allegations from other food supplements for men sold on the Internet. Horlaxen claims that it’s clinically certified too and offers these advantages:

  • Increases libido by 66%
  • 52% muscle growth
  • Increases free testosterone by 140%
  • 42% increased endurance
  • Increases power level by 283%
  • 47% reduced exhaustion

It is however not clear where the numbers originated from or how Horlaxen measured these statistics. No scientific research or clinical studies were cited.

You’ll see that Horlaxen is a simple nitric oxide supplement once you look beyond the marketing slogans.


How does Horlaxen work?

Horlaxen claims to function as a normal nitric oxide supplement, which also possesses a dual effect on improving testosterone levels and aids muscle growth. Horlaxen reveals that it functions “literally on a molecular level” alongside your DNA, and assists in creating well-defined muscles when you sleep.


The said “proven effects” of Horlaxen include the following:

  • Cure and damaged muscles
  • Muscle mass
  • Lactic acid, ammonia, and free radicals
  • Improved ATP (cell energy production)
  • Nitric production


Basically, Horlaxen would prompt you to feel like an idiot if you don’t use the supplement while they cheer the advantages up. They call you a women’s steward who drinks protein shakes and Gatorade.


Ultimately you would learn that Horlaxen is made up of only one ingredient ‘L-arginine’ if you move past all the odd marketing plans.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Men’s Hairspray

While gels and clays are very good at keeping your hair in check, sometimes a good men’s hairspray is the most appropriate choice for the perfect balance of volume and hold. Should men make use of hairspray? While not as renowned as their styling counterparts – hairspray more than deserves a place in the grooming arsenal of a man.


What Does Hairspray Do?

While hairspray doesn’t readily come to mind when you’re considering hair products for men, there’s nothing compared to the versatility provided by styling men’s hair with a very good hairspray. Wondering what does it do precisely? Is hairspray not good for you?


Hairspray is basically a spray that is made up of industrial polymers, and these add support and hold to the hair. While hairspray has transformed a lot down the years and become much less chemically driven, it still has formaldehyde, which could cause headaches. If you are worried about the product negatively affecting your hair, however, then it’s a great idea to use it once in a while and invest in some moisturizing conditioners and shampoos.


The best hairspray could prompt thin hair to look voluminous, tame frizz and maintain a hairstyle set all day long. They are various types of hairspray products to cater for various hair textures, so regardless of what you are dealing with, there is something that would work for you.


If you have a fine, thin hair; weighing your hair down with heavy gels is not the most appropriate idea, so a light hairspray is your most effective and efficient option. The best volumizing hairsprays appear to be catered towards hair that requires a boost (i.e. fine or thin hair), so do not worry about it being too heavy.


Men’s hairspray products for thick hair could be made up of fairly heavy products, with the notion that you should FORCE as an avenue to have it controlled. This is certainly not a great idea, and would just provide you with a greasy finish.

Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Best Beverage Refrigerator?

You are in need of a way to keep drinks cold in your TV room, rec room, or family room, and a beverage refrigerator sounds like the right solution, however, you don’t really know which cooler to get. The biggest benefit associated with a small beverage cooler happens to be its size. Even storing as much as 150 cans of soda or beer,  a beverage refrigerator still represents the most efficient, effective and compact option for keeping all those cans cold. Your friends like different soda and beer than you do. Your children don’t like your tastes. You switch it up and try different drinks most times. You have parties where you want to provide a broad selection of beverages. Whatever the need, the best beverage refrigerator is certainly the solution.


Why not just go for a compact refrigerator?  Compact refrigerators are normally made for beverages and food and so they must leave space between the shelves to accommodate taller food.  They normally have storage in the doors, but mostly leave room to accommodate taller bottles.  The point is that they do not hold a lot of beverages and there is much-wasted space.


On the other hand, beverages are made for beverage bottles and cans and are a lot more efficient when it comes to their storage capability. In addition, the majority have a glass door as well as an interior lighting that let you see your beverage collection status without having to open the refrigerator door.


What of a wine cooler?  Can I just go for a wine cooler and store beer, wine, and sodas? Wines are set to a higher temperature than what’s obtainable with beverage coolers. If you store both wine and beer, you will need to compromise between the temperature of other beverages and that of the wine. The same is true for wine stored in a beverage cooler.

Important Guide on How to Use the War Robots Cheats

The makers of War Robots cheats have made the feature of allowing the players unlock fresh weapons and upgrades automatically. You would be rewarded with in game currencies for which otherwise real cash is required. The user has to upgrade weapons and robots so as to successfully win no. of battles.


Overall, there are 16 Robots available to buy with a range of advantages associated with each. You could select any Robot based on your style of play.  You could own various Robots with various abilities.


Unlocking fresh Robots provides you with more slots where you could own more Robots. This means that you could go into the battle with over ONE Robot and offers you the required edge during game play.


With more upgraded weapons, robots and armors, you can’t lose the battle. Look for various battles, be victorious in multiplayer game battles and earn the commander of universe position rightfully.


During multiplayer battles, you might be grouped into multiple teams and you must destroy all opponent Robots so as to win the game. With winning the battles, you would be rewarded with more resources and currencies that could be used in upgrading power-ups. There are a lot of benefits associated with Walking War Robots cheats tool like, earn additional power ups and upgrades.


Before you embark on the Walking War Robots game, you must create your account. This prompts you to play with the use of Internet, stores the game progress on cloud and makes your unique ID that could be used while playing multiplayer war games.


When the pop up appears each time you get the game started, you have to log in with the player account and begin to play the game. The login stores all the user data on a cloud server and progress of the game as well. You could continue from where you stopped playing. The War Robots cheats tool functions by assisting you to unlock the locked advanced bots and allows you to buy the new Robots without paying real cash.

Analyzing the Influence of the Media on Weight Loss: Nutrisystem Review

Over the years, Nutrisystem reviews have served as a guide for individuals who are still in doubt on the efficacy of the diet plan to proffer a solution to their weight issues. Many are aware that Nutrisystem is not an exception to the subject of shredding weight; there are other alternative diet programs and supplements also popular. There are individuals who still doubt the Nutrisystem diet plan to solve the problems they are facing with the extra pounds they want to shred. Very often, many resort to a Nutrisystem review on the internet as a result of their anticipation on trying one of the various food offered by the diet plan. The review assists in helping them out in making a decision and also acting as a guide during the course of the diet program.


Nutrisystem foods were fashioned to be easy and a better alternative to losing weight. The brand promises that the meals and the diet program will provide you with an easy and healthy remedy to shred weight. Owing to the fact that the meals contain an anti-crave formula that assists the promotion of weight loss at large. The experts at Nutrisystem behind the concept of the Nutrisystem foods integrated a glycemic advantage and good carbohydrates. In addition, the foods offered contain natural fibers that are effective in controlling appetite and hunger; they also help in a good digestion process. It is advised that proper exercising and discipline is complimenting the diet plan, just so that the primary objective for adopting the plan will be attained; which is achieving a healthy lifestyle and control of your weight.


The appealing part about the meals offered by Nutrisystem is that they are prepackaged and ready to eat or they just require heating in the microwave before consumption. You can make orders from weekly meals plan and you are delivered the meal for the entire week. Your order will include your complete meal for every single day, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks. You can also include vegetable, low dairy products, and fruit to help in complementing your meals.

Tips on How to Be the Best Radio Presenter: Orthopedic Beds for Dogs

Experts have concluded that orthopedic pet beds are the best gift and solution for your aged pet. Similar to humans, as our pet’s age, they are exposed to high risk of suffering pains in joints and muscles. If per chance your pet consistently sleeps on the floor, over time there is the high tendency that they will suffer from aggravated joint problems. Furthermore, you will observe that apart from the joint and muscles issues your pet will suffer from, your pet will be exhibiting bad behaviors around the house; resorting to sleeping on the couch that they are not permitted to sleep on. By providing a comfortable space for your pet, you will proffer an automatic solution to the issues mentioned earlier. One of the frequently asked questions is how can one make a selection for the best orthopedic beds for dogs or pets in general.

  1. Look out for a best that provides support. Similar to humans, our pets are entitled to the best of support to the legs, shoulder, hips, and spine. All being pressure points.
  2. Look out for a bed that makes provision for both cold and hot therapy options. You will observe that your pet is a lot more comfortable with the heat therapy if facing issues with their joint. Blood vessels are expanded as heat is introduced, thus helping with restoring flexibility as more blood tend to flow to the affected area. On the other hand, cold therapy assist in keeping your pet cool during the summer, making them fond of their bed in exchange.
  3. Consider a sling bed. This type of bed helps in getting your pet away off the ground, giving them some sort of elevation. This choice of pet bed help in promoting joint health. One solution to a common problem is simply pain relief.

By getting your pet an excellent and comfortable orthopedic bed, you are providing comfort and relief at the same time because you are eliminating the chances of pain applied to their pressure points and you are in turn relieving pains and aches. One of the materials that are used in the manufacture of the best orthopedic beds for dogs is the medical grade “memory foam”.

Guide on How to Be a Respected Media Personality: Playpens for Puppies

In the market, you will find that dog pens are available in various sizes and shapes. One thing you will observe is that the smaller options are usually designed in rectangular forms. A very typical dog pen is designed around 3 to 4 ft. in height and they are covered on top in order to prevent the pup from leaving the compartment. Playpens for puppies are available in different forms; you will find them available in form of plastics steel wire waterproof nylon, wood, plastic coated wire or wire and wood complimenting each other. You will also some playpens that are manufactured by combining steel wire or wood with concrete. The nylon options are designed around a stout steel frame and most of the time they are padded to meet the pup comfort needs. It may have a zipped entrance integrated into the design and the nylon material is waterproof.

If your choice is a playpen with an open top, ensure that it is high enough that your pup cannot jump out and low enough so that you can easily attend to your pet. Some of the larger options have a door integrated into their design, just so the owner have easy access. The majority of the playpens in the market do not have a base, they are staked into the ground, contributing to their stability. On the other hand, the playpens incorporated with a base are stronger.

This facility is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, this factor depends on the size and style of the playpen for puppies you end up selecting. If you are lucky, your pet will be comfortable with his pen and they will take to the pen at their own will without any drama. On the other hand, if you are unlucky your pet may cry and fuss to be let out of the pen, thereby leaving you with the only choice of training your pet to enjoy the pen.

It is important that your pup learns to be comfortable in the pen; the acclimatization process can begin by staying in the pen with your pet, playing or practicing a couple of exercises with him/her for a while. It is advised that you ensure your pet is reward with training treats.

Promoting Kids Charities through the Entertainment Industry: Best Trampoline for Kids

This excellent fun facility has brought about a new world to both adults and children. Most individuals still employ the services of this facility, despite the introduction of various fun-filled activities. The fun and pleasure derived from using the best trampoline for kids, in the sense of jumping up and down have an unparalleled experience.

The trampoline is an excellent recreational facility, as it engages your kids for working their muscles and cardiovascular systems while jumping around the house. Over the years, professionals have come to a conclusion that the time invested in using the trampoline for pleasure and fun is worth it, various users of this facility have given interesting feedbacks about this facility.

The trampoline will ensure that your kids find it comfortable playing at home and inviting friends over. The fun of jumping on the trampoline is an exciting experience that everyone should consider at some point. One reason among the many to love about this facility is that it keeps your kids healthy and happy. This can be attributed to the fact that the facility keeps your kids outdoor, giving them the opportunity to take in the fresh air.

Regardless of the fact that the facility was initially intended for kids, adults, on the other hand, can utilize this facility by enjoying what kids enjoy. Fitness experts have concluded that spending time with the best trampoline for kids is a substitute for a thirty minutes run.

It is advised that you take out time to use the trampoline. There are ways you can utilize the trampoline as an exercising facility from its initial purpose for fun. Look out for the interesting things you can incorporate while jumping on the trampoline; a little creativity will go a long way in keeping your fit and entertainment at the same time. Without a doubt, you will have fun when using the trampoline.

Furthermore, the trampoline is a facility that suits all age range. This will not only keep you engaged for hours, you get to have to have fun while jumping. The facility offers more than its primary objective of keeping you entertained while jumping.

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