Joe Piscopo | Visa Tips to Save Cost When You Apply For a Vietnam Visa
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Visa Tips to Save Cost When You Apply For a Vietnam Visa

Applying for a Vietnam Visa just as you are is one of the vital steps to take when preparing for a visit to Vietnam. It is without a doubt that almost everyone that wants to apply for a Vietnamese visa considers the fees or cost of getting the Visa. Though it seems like a very small amount compared to other expenses, one can still save money right from the start when you apply through the Vietnam Visa online official website.

So the question now is – why do you not save money with Vietnam Visa application service if only you can?

One of the ways you can go about this is choosing the type.of visa that is suitable for your needs: multiple or single entry Visa, this is because if perchance you have already applied for a single entry Visa and you intend on re-entering Vietnam within 1 or 3 months after the current one, you are expected to apply for a new Visa. Therefore, in this case, why do you not file an application for multiple entries at once, just so that you can save your money and time and the time. On the other hand, if you want to visit and leave Vietnam for another country, it is advised that you opt for the single entry Visa application.

We hope that the about tip offered will be of assistance when you are making a decision on the type of Visa you want to apply for if you will be visiting Vietnam.

Top Reasons to Visit the Vietnam Visa Online Official Website

Are you applying for a Vietnam visa? If so then you should make sure you’re getting the right info like at the Vietnam visa online official website. Here are some of the main reasons you should consider visiting the site when applying for a visa:

1. Requirements
When applying for a Vietnam visa it’s important to know the exact requirements for the process. This is important in order to make sure you’re meeting all the official requirements when applying for a visa. These requirements change from time to time and some sites might not have the updated list. This is why you should definitely consider visiting the official state in order to get the latest requirements.

Keep in mind there are different requirements for different visas. For example, you can apply for a visa in advance or when you arrive at one of the country’s international airports. This is another reason you should get the latest info about the visas’ requirements. It will help to ensure you’re meeting the requirements for the type of visa you’re applying for.

2. Scam-free
Another benefit of visiting the Vietnam visa online official website is you won’t have to worry about being scammed. That’s because it’s the official website of the Vietnamese government. It’s unfortunate but there are some fake sites that provide wrong or incomplete info needed when applying for a Vietnam visa. When visiting the country you’ll certainly want to avoid the possibility of begin scammed. That can make your total experience a rough one before you even arrive.

3. Updates
One of the key issues about the requirements for Vietnam visas is they can change. This involves various issues including the duration, requirements, and fees for each type. If you visit third-party sites you could be reading some outdate info about the process.

This is why you should visit the official website. You can then learn about the exact requirements when applying for tourist visas or other types. This will give you the greatest chance of being approved for a visa. Meanwhile, if you apply for a visa and use old requirements it will be less likely.

4. Support
Another major benefit of access the official Vietnam visa website is you’ll get support during regular office hours. This is a plus over other sites that might not have this feature. When applying for a visa you might have questions about various issues like the visa types, costs, etc. As a result it’s critical to get questions/concerns dealt with as soon as possible.

It’s also important to get support from the right source. :When you access the official visa website you’ll be getting info and answers from the source of the visas themselves. As a result this will help to prevent problems and misinformation you might get from other sites. That’s certainly a situation you’ll want to avoid since it can cause a lot of problems you’ll want to avoid.

These are some of the main reasons why you should visit the Vietnam visa online official website. Why not visit the site now and learn everything you need to know about getting a Vietnam visa?

How can you save money when applying for a visa at the Vietnam visa online official website? Here are some of the best ways.

  1. Apply on arrival

If you want to get a visa faster yet are willing to pay more money you’ll have to pay around $20 plus a stamping fee that’s $45. Then there’s different costs for different visas. That includes $65 for single entry visa, $65 for 1–month multiple-entry visa, and $95 for 3- month multiple entry visa.

This is a good idea if you plan to exit/enter the country during the next several months. In that case you can save a lot of money with this choice over the paying for a new visa each time you enter the country. Make sure to do the math. That will help to determine which type of visa is the most cost-effective option for you. If there’s a good chance you’ll need to leave the country within the next few months you should definitely consider the multiple-entry visa as a better deal.

  1. Apply for a visa on specific dates

If you know the dates you’ll be in Vietnam you can apply for a visa that’s valid for specific dates. Keep in mind that the dates are fixed. Let’s say you apply for a 1-month visa but arrive two weeks after the first date your visa is valid. In that case you’ll just have two weeks left on your visa. So it’s important to arrive close to the start date of your visa whenever possible It’s a better option than arriving late and running out of time. If you have to stay longer you’ll have to pay more for a visa renewal.

  1. Apply at Vietnam Embassy

If you apply at the Vietnam embassy in your home country before you arrive in the country you must submit your documents to receive a visa within the timeframe of 4-5 days. The price of securing a visa using this method is around $100 plus other costs like transportation. In the case you have enough time to secure a visa this way it’s a good option since you’ll still have to wait several days to get the visa.

  1. Apply for the right visa

If you want to save money when applying for a visa via the Vietnam visa online official website then it’s important to pick the “right” visa in order to get the best value. For example, think about whether the single entry or multiple entry visa is more practical for you. If you have to leave and enter the country after arriving then it’s a good idea to consider a multiple-entry visa.

Meanwhile, if you have plans to leave Vietnam after visiting once then the single entry visa is a better option. If you’re almost certain that’s your plan it’s a better option so consider your tentative plans.

These are some of the best ways you can save money when applying for a Vietnam visa. Make sure to consider your options then pick the most cost-effective one.

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