Joe Piscopo | Tips for Identifying Your Genuine Louis Vuitton Bags on Sale Cheap
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Tips for Identifying Your Genuine Louis Vuitton Bags on Sale Cheap

If you are shopping for Louis Vuitton bags on sale cheap, you are advised to check the official website of the Vuitton to get you acquainted with the products available on their website and also check the specification. Check the design and the lining of the material used by Louis Vuitton for the manufacture of the desired handbags. Louis Vuitton handbags usually come in specific color combinations and check the details of these designs on their website. If you are familiar with the designs used for a particular product, it should help you identify a genuine product.

These products come with a traditional monogram, and they are well-known monograms. Louis Vuitton ensures that they come up with a quality product and they place the monogram on their products carefully. The monogram should reveal details about the handbag if it is not well-detailed. Most of these handbags come with a monogram that is usually symmetric in color as well as the shape.

Louis Vuitton handbags are usually well-detailed and in proper shape and arrangement. Louis Vuitton takes every stitch into detail. Most of their similar bags have the same number of stitches. Louis Vuitton products also follow identical stitching pattern for designing handbags. For related products, they usually come in the same pattern of monograms attachment as well as the handle attachments. If you are looking to buy one of these products, you are advised to check every feature of the product to make an informed decision.

If you are checking in an online sale you must take into consideration to get information about the seller. Stay away from the seller that has negative or private feedback. You should also be wary about the listing of liquidation sale or wholesale. These sellers though they posted high discount sale could not be trusted since Louis Vuitton do not have wholesale nor has an outlet for their sale. It would help to know that a genuine Louis Vuitton bag does not come with attached tag nor have plastic wrap on its handle. When spotting the fake Louis Vuitton bags that had been put on sale claiming to be genuine is scattered on the web and so you should safeguard yourself before putting the product in the cart. Below are few questions you can ask when talking to the seller.

  1.    Can you take more pictures of the Louis Vuitton bag?

Sometimes the displayed pictures on the website may not be enough and you need to inspect every detail you want to purchase to see the close-up stitch, pattern, texture, and much more.

  1.    Do you offer a return policy?

One thing you need to secure and understand is the return policy of the seller so that you know what to do you are unsatisfied with the product. Return policy should also be posted on the website to help buyers get information and make a well-informed decision on their purchase.

  1.    Is the product already on-hand?

Some website posted list or collection but the product is not yet there. If this is the case you cannot properly inspect and check the picture because they are just using the picture they get from the web.

You can also check about the administrative fee when purchasing online. Which country sale Louis Vuitton bag at the cheapest price since there is an assigned fee when you make a purchase outside the country and these be added to the cost of the bag. The “made in” label of Louis Vuitton bag before was just from France, but today there is also another country enlisted here such as Italy or USA. Take down the product code and other details attached to the description. If you think the seller posted vague details about the bags they are selling, trust your instinct. It will save you from regrets later. Since Louis Vuitton bags are made in meticulous way spotting for fake but cheap Louis Vuitton can easily be pointed out if you know more information about the model of Louis Vuitton bag that you are checking. A multi-colored pattern bag is most likely to be fake on some bags especially those with a vintage look. Check the manufacturing date of the bag. Every interested buyer on Louis Vuitton loves to get genuine but at a cheaper price but since there are too many websites that posted auction or sale, determining the genuine bag from the fake bag on sale needs a deep research that takes your time but the result can be satisfying too.

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