Joe Piscopo | Solid Wood Flooring: The Perfect Solution to your TV Studio Flooring
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Solid Wood Flooring: The Perfect Solution to your TV Studio Flooring

These days wood flooring can be made from planks from exotic woods or old barns which get rid of the dust of finishing on site. In time past, groove strips in maple or oak and the old- fashioned solid wood tongue where the only options available for wood flooring. Most recently, you can have a substitute to wood. The substitute is wood laminate.It looks more like wood in appearance. It is cheaper cost wise.

The use of solid wood floor is not possible everywhere, despite the fact that it is beautiful, they are not suitable for some places. It is laid out by nailing to a sub-floor. For places with concrete, Solid wood is not an option. There might be problems in height where the floor is meeting a room. This problem occurs if a subfloor is added between the concrete and the wood flooring. Placement of wood flooring in thebasement is not advisable because if thewood flooring is exposed to moisture it results in expansion. On the other hand, Buckling and squeaking occur as a result of humidity.

Homeowners are beginning to set a trend of purchasing wood flooring with the finish being factory applied. Factory finishes are not bad because they are tougher than polyurethanes when both are compared. The polyurethanes are applied in the field during the wood floor placement.  The factory applied finish eliminates fumes from finishing, dust from sanding and waiting before walking on the floor. The disadvantage to pre-flooring is the evidence of slight dips and bumps where the floor is not leveled perfectly. This is caused by the fact the floor is not sanded after it is installed.

V-groovesare made available for flooring to hide misalignments. In the sense that when it is together, the edges of the placed flooring are not in contact and noticing any imperfection in the alignment will be difficult. There will be little or no imperfections in the alignment. The V grooves will become darken because of the dirt it is exposed to.

Finishing after installation has the advantage of you staining the floor to your liking. If you like, the yellowish tone of wood, but do not admire the grain of theoak. This is an example of what you can do with finishing after installing the wood flooring. Employ the expertise of a professional, for they understand how to go about finishing properly.

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