This website is dedicated to everything and anything related to Joe Piscopo. Joe Piscopo is the Italian-American actor who we are convinced saved Saturday Night Live. Don’t let the haters make you think otherwise. Sure, big part of the reason why Saturday Night Live managed to show why are the disastrous aides is due to Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy was an unknown before he started at Saturday Night Live.

Thanks to his amazing success in that late-night skit television comedy show he went on to star in some of the biggest movies of the 1980s, like Beverly Hills Cop and other amazing comedies. He owes his career to the big break he had at SNL. You have to understand that for somebody to be such a bright light, he has to have supporting cast. It’s not like Eddie Murphy carried the show alone.

He probably would not have gone anywhere nor would he have gone as far as he did if he did not have expert help along the way. That is precisely what we celebrate here at Joe Piscopo. We are convinced that Joe Piscopo along with other cast members made SNL. If anything, they kept SNL alive so it can blossom later on. That is not easy to do considering how bad the show had gotten in certain parts of its 40-year history.

This is no joke. It is not a laughing matter, although the show is all about comedy. This is why a lot of our fans here at this website have contributed tremendous number of videos, jokes, fan art, and what have you to keep the career of Joe Piscopo top of the mind. He is an amazing talent. He is a treasure and quite a contributor to overall American comedy coach.

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