Joe Piscopo | Reviews of ZTR Mowers: Things to Consider Before Buying One
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Reviews of ZTR Mowers: Things to Consider Before Buying One

Lawnmowers are in every size and shape, from the riding lawn type to the push along mower, but what type of mower is appropriate for you? There are a lot of reviews of ZTR mowers on the internet which could be a very good starting point.

Some things should consider when you want to buy one of the several Zero Turn Lawn Mowers that are available at the moment. One happens to be the size of your lawn, a tiny half acre lot with several statutes and plans, would amount to a waste for a ZTR, if you are in possession of a fill acre or more with little or no statues and plants then a Zero Turn Lawn Mower is a very good idea, therefore take a look at your lawn first and decide if that’s what you really need.

The second thing happens to be storage space, nothing could be more frustrating than to get home with your new mower and find out that it doesn’t fit into your storage shed or worse not even through your backyard gate. Ensure that you define the opening of your backyard area or shed and then decide on the size of the mower you intend to buy to make sure that you have adequate space to store it in a proper way.

Furthermore, you should also consider the deck size of the ZTR mower that you are planning to buy. The deck size depends on how large the land you are planning to mow and the obstacles that you are doing to drive through. For starters, you can opt for a 54-inch deck especially if your area is heavily wooded. Make sure that you also consider the size of your gate before you buy. The last thing that you want to discover is the deck size is too big to fit your gate.

When choosing ZTR mower, you are most likely to choose between a mid-mounts of the front-mount mower. Most landscape professionals prefer a front-mount mower because it provides better visibility especially when they are cleaning golf courses. Front-mount mowers are also convenient to use if you are going to landscape residential spaces with lots of obstacles around. There are longer wheelbases for front-mount mowers, making it easier for you to deal with rough and woody grounds. On the other hand, middle-mount mowers are much shorter, limiting your mobility as you work.

You should also consider the maintenance of the ZTR mower that you are planning to buy. Make sure that you choose a model where you can access the primary compartments without difficulty. Some tilt-up decks and tilt-open body will help to get your job faster.

Aside from that, manufacturers nowadays pay extra attention to the maintenance of the ZTR mowers. Most of the recently-launched models nowadays feature a tools-free oil change to make it easier for you in draining the oil out.

Moreover, you should not only focus on the features and maintenance of the ZTR mower but also to its overall durability. You might want to make sure that you buy a mower that will last for an extended period of time. Pay extra attention to the construction of the frame and the deck, the dimension, the gauge, and the specifications of the steel frame as well. Some models have the protection that surrounds the engine from harsh elements when you are using it.

ZTR mowers nowadays are equipped with twin-cylinder engines because its way more powerful compared to a single-cylinder engine. If you are planning to mow a huge landscape, then you should opt for a more powerful engine. It is noticeable that this kind of engines does not product extra noises and vibration as well.

Lastly, make sure that you opt for a ZTR mower with large tires. In that way, the weight of the mower is distributed properly and it’s easier to maneuver in the grass. Aside from that, traction is improved as well and ply-rated tires had become a useful feature since it had been launched into the market.

ZTR mowers do not come cheap. Hence, if you have the opportunity to invest in one, consider the aforementioned factors above. It will help you choose the right ZTR mower for you and ensure that you’re able to make the most out of it. Landscape professional or not, a high-quality ZTR mower is extremely useful in landscaping and mowing.

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