Joe Piscopo | Promoting Your Services through Media Events: Professional Knife Sharpener
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Promoting Your Services through Media Events: Professional Knife Sharpener

When a professional knife sharpener sharpens your knives, there is the possibility that the knives will be sharpened with a mechanical system. Most recently, cutlers use a belt sander combined with a buffing wheel as a standard process. In addition to the common process is the use of an aluminum oxide wheel that is cooled with water, the wheel is running at a minimal speed. The modus operandi of the service offered or depending on the condition of the knife, the knife will certainly go through various grits of abrasion (ranging from 150 to 600) before being polished, buffed or finished.

If you are in possession of a Japanese or traditional Japanese hybrid, There is another option that is available for sharpening – a Japanese water stone system. History has it that Japanese knives were sharpened traditionally on the stones that are similar in look to whetstones, but they are much softer and finer. They come in an implausible array of grits from Coarse (500) to super fine (10000). The professional Japanese sharpeners utilize a powered Waterstone wheel, the wheel rotates at a minimal speed and it immerses the stone in water, as it spins horizontally. The sharpening process finishes by doing the final polish o the blades by hand using a regular Waterstone. If you are in possession of a traditional Japanese knife, the method of sharpening is the only way you can ensure that your kitchen piece is properly sharpened to ensure that integrity is preserved.

Over the years, experience has educated us that majority of the essential factors in producing a sharp knife is the dedication and proficiency of the individual sharpening the knives. It is important you aware that experience will only take you some distance and the tools required to sharpen your kitchen blades does not need to be expensive, it can be acquired for cheap. The skill and proficiency do not have a price tag attached to it, so also is the passion the professional knife sharpener has for his/her job. When looking out to employ the services of a knife sharpener these are what you should give consideration.

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