I really feel sorry for Joe Piscopo at some level of other. I know that is kind of harsh coming from this website that is dedicated to his career but let’s face it history has not been kind to Joe Piscopo. It really hasn’t because when you look at all the topnotch comedic stars that have gone through Saturday Night Live a lot of them have become legends.

I only need to mention Eddie Murphy, John Belushi among other. It seems like a lot of comedy heavyweights paid their dues by doing a stint at Saturday Night Live. It’s very easy to think that all these people are successful. It’s very easy to think that they are all equally significant and that’s really what irritates me because this really doesn’t have anything to do with how talented somebody is.

Maybe people who got really big and popular just had better agents. Maybe they just had better public relations agencies backing them. Whatever the case maybe, it seems that there is no one-to-one correlation or tight fit between how talented a person is and how successful they become. This really is too bad because Joe Piscopo is an amazing talent. He killed it back in his SNL days and he still continues to kill it today. The guy is amazing. He is one talented man.

It really is a shame that to a large degree America has forgotten about him. This is why it is quite refreshing that a lot of SNL fans have recently rediscovered Joe Piscopo. This has happened at roughly the same time they have discovered Kratom. It seems like Kratom Crazy USA fans opened their minds. It’s as if they start looking at the world from a different perspective. It’s as if they are operating with a heightened level of awareness in a sense of adventure.

In other words, they start behaving and acting and thinking like people with a brand-new attitude. That’s definitely a good thing because life can easily get depressing, life can easily feel like you’re stuck somewhere, you lose your taste for things that are new, experimental and beautiful. Let’s face it, these are the sort of things that make life so much fun and so unpredictable. That’s the way things should be, right?

Do yourself a big favor, discover Kratom. Learn for yourself why so many people are just besides themselves regarding the health, spiritual, emotional, and psychological benefits of this amazing plant from Southeast Asia. While you rediscover one of the greatest talents the Saturday Night Live series ever produced, I am of course talking about no other than the truly unique and truly awesome Mr. Joe Piscopo.