Joe Piscopo got really big as a comedian in Saturday Night Live. Saturday Night Live is the centerpiece of American late night comedic entertainment. Nothing else comes close. If you need proof of just how dominant that show has been, as far as the American imagination is concerned, wrap your mind around the fact that SNL has been around since the year 1975. Let that sink in for a moment. That’s 44 years and going strong. For some reason or other, SNL continues to make it season after season. This is not a small accomplishment considering the fact that shows that get even higher ratings than SNL get cancelled all the time. One of the reasons for this, of course, is the talent of the people that play parts in the show. This comedy show is an ensemble cast. In other words, it uses an ensemble or a collection of bit players. The skits rotate among different players depending on the script. SNL is quite famous for going through many different periods. In the time of Joe Piscopo, SNL was actually struggling. You have to remember that SNL became a cultural icon in the mid 70’s because it featured heavy duty comedians like John Belushi, Chevy Chase among others. Many of them went on to have successful careers. That was the kind of pattern SNL started. Well, things kind of fell apart in the year 1980 and the show basically had to be reconstituted. Joe Piscopo was part of the team that was supposed to bring SNL back. And thanks to this master comedian’s skills, he was able to do exactly that. He was in the same class Edi Murphy. Joe Piscopo is a very funny guy on so many different levels. He can basically read any kind of script and he would make it funny. But his stock-in-trade and what really made him stand out among other SNL crew members was his impression of Frank Sinatra. The classic Blue Eyes is an American icon and Joe Piscopo really brought Frank Sinatra to life. He would portray Frank Sinatra doing all sorts of funny stuff and it’s no surprise that the show’s reputation for being cool and hip were preserved thanks in no small part to Joe Piscopo’s efforts. Joe Piscopo would definitely look great wearing the kind of solar eclipse glasses featured at These glasses are made to be dark. So if you wear them at night or in your daily activities, you look really cool because these are industrial grade dark glasses. You’re not messing around when you wear this type of glasses. They are after all designed to block out the blinding rays of the sun during an eclipse.

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