If Joe Piscopo is still active in his career now and he needed to put up a professional website to track his comedy tours, he definitely would look into Nearshore Software Development.

You have to understand that the typical website for entertainers cannot be just mere business cards. You can’t just put on a picture and a list of dates and call it a day. When people go to such websites, they have a series of expectations that they would like to be met.

Most of these people probably would not be able to articulate these expectations. They probably would not be able to fill out some sort of checklist and cross reference these expectations with a set of outcomes that they would like to see but they’re still there.

The fact that people cannot talk about them in very clear, concise and compact ways don’t necessary mean that they do not feel them. It really would help any up and coming comedian as well as established names in the comedy industry to sit up and pay attention to this reality.

If they put websites that are too forgettable, chances are people are not even going to bother. People are just not going to the website and play around with the kind of basic controls that they need to access the information that they are looking for.

This can translate to less ticket sales. This can translate to less robust performances. This can translate to an early career death. I know I sound like an alarmist. I know I’m talking about extreme cases here but let’s face it, given the tremendous amount of competition in the entertainment industry as we know it; you really cannot afford to take any chances with your comedic career.

Joe Piscopo would know this because he was a giant in his field. He ran SNL. He was a larger than life presence. So he would understand the importance of projecting a total persona to the general public.

You have to understand that the general public looks at celebrities not as flesh and blood human beings, but celebrities. In other words, they are at a different level of existence which in turn brings with it a tremendous sense of responsibilities and a set of assumptions.

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This is much better than outsourcing to the other side of the planet or going to places like Fiverr and crossing your fingers and hoping for the very best. Last time I checked, that’s not exactly a winning strategy.

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