Joe Piscopo | Guide on How to Be a Respected Media Personality: Playpens for Puppies
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Guide on How to Be a Respected Media Personality: Playpens for Puppies

In the market, you will find that dog pens are available in various sizes and shapes. One thing you will observe is that the smaller options are usually designed in rectangular forms. A very typical dog pen is designed around 3 to 4 ft. in height and they are covered on top in order to prevent the pup from leaving the compartment. Playpens for puppies are available in different forms; you will find them available in form of plastics steel wire waterproof nylon, wood, plastic coated wire or wire and wood complimenting each other. You will also some playpens that are manufactured by combining steel wire or wood with concrete. The nylon options are designed around a stout steel frame and most of the time they are padded to meet the pup comfort needs. It may have a zipped entrance integrated into the design and the nylon material is waterproof.

If your choice is a playpen with an open top, ensure that it is high enough that your pup cannot jump out and low enough so that you can easily attend to your pet. Some of the larger options have a door integrated into their design, just so the owner have easy access. The majority of the playpens in the market do not have a base, they are staked into the ground, contributing to their stability. On the other hand, the playpens incorporated with a base are stronger.

This facility is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, this factor depends on the size and style of the playpen for puppies you end up selecting. If you are lucky, your pet will be comfortable with his pen and they will take to the pen at their own will without any drama. On the other hand, if you are unlucky your pet may cry and fuss to be let out of the pen, thereby leaving you with the only choice of training your pet to enjoy the pen.

It is important that your pup learns to be comfortable in the pen; the acclimatization process can begin by staying in the pen with your pet, playing or practicing a couple of exercises with him/her for a while. It is advised that you ensure your pet is reward with training treats.

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