Joe Piscopo | Giving Back to the Community through Entertainment and Charity: Best Survival Knife Ever
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Giving Back to the Community through Entertainment and Charity: Best Survival Knife Ever

It is very important to choose a reliable and strong knife, rather than opting for a choice that appeals to your eyes. It is advised that you educated yourself on the factors that constitute the best survival knife ever, look out for the features when shopping for a knife. Ensure you are aware of all the possible uses, just so it will not fail you when you are caught up in some kind of extreme condition that your survival depends on.

Defining the Survival Knife

A survival knife an essential tool to have in your possession when going on an adventure to a wilderness is a survival knife, some other options you are advised to consider to compliment your survival knife is either a machete or pocket knife. Without a doubt, there is the possibility to fabricate a knife from bone or stone materials, but acquiring a forged steel blade is advised as the improvised piece cannot match the reliability and strength of the specially manufactured piece. Most extreme condition experts assert that not every knife was designed to suit extreme conditions, thus making it important that you look out for features that make a survival knife before purchasing any of your choices. It is advised that you have an appreciable understanding of the properties that make the best survival knife ever, to ensure that you end up with a survival knife that will meet your survival demands and needs.

Things you should avoid when making a choice for a Survival Knife

Folding Knife – This is not an ideal choice while you are in an extreme condition, this is because it lacks the strength a good survival knife requires to complete outdoor assignments.

Narrow Tang – This is an ideal choice for application in the kitchen and not for extreme conditions. It has been observed that Knives with narrow tangs do not survive the stress they are exposed to while under extreme factors like splitting or chopping wood.

Huge Knives – Over the years, experts has discovered that huge knives are not practical and ideal in extreme conditions. You need your knife to perform assignments like trapping, hunting, and setting up camp. The slaying of large beasts is not among the primary objective for a survival knife.

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