I remember Joe Piscopo for the first time in an SNL rerun from the mid-1990s. Joe Piscopo, as everybody knows, was a cast member along with Eddie Murphy in an early 1980s lineup of SNL.

A lot of people were very easy to dismiss this stage of SNL’s creative evolution. After all, this crew or this lineup followed a legendary lineup. People like John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase, after all, were tough acts to follow. It’s as if anybody would fail by instant comparison to these comedic legends.

However, believe it or not, Eddie Murphy beat them all. In fact, Eddie Murphy was the first crossover, truly genuine star created by SNL. I mean, if you were living in the early to mid-80s, it was very hard to find a comedic talent or superstar comparable to Eddie Murphy. He was that big.

He basically defined the comedic genre for many years. Well, we all know what happened to Eddie Murphy. He kind of hit a wall and basically became irrelevant. After the movie Boomerang, his career pretty much went into a coma.

I mean, he would still make good and funny movies from time to time, but a lot of the star power was basically gone. It didn’t help that he got into some sort of legal controversies for apparently picking up a transsexual prostitute. He was able to beat criminal charges because he was able to persuade the cops that he was actually just helping a transsexual prostitute with a free ride because he was such a great philanthropists.

With that aside, one of his series mates was Joe Piscopo. When Joe was coming up at SNL, a lot of people had great plans for him. A lot of people were thinking that he will go far in his comedic career.

However, we all know what happened. For some reason or other, Joe Piscopo pretty much crashed and burned with SNL. That’s really the kindest way to say it because he didn’t really have much of a career after Saturday Night Live.

With that said, we were still treated to really amazing performances by Joe Piscopo in his compilation DVDs. There are quite a number of them out there.

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