I love Joe Piscopo. I really do. I know I’m dating myself here but I was in Junior High school at the height of his career in the early 80’s. That was a very interesting time because that was also the time when President Ronald Reagan was shot by a would-be assassin.

It was also the time of punk rock. It was also the time of the death of disco. To say that there was a lot going on at that time would be an understatement indeed.

Just like when any other historical epoch that marks a tremendous developments in culture, music, the economy and people’s intellectual life, it pays attention to the kind of music that was popular because music really has a way of summarizing everything that is unique, interesting and distinctive about a particular point in our collective history.

Consider it like some sort of sound track for all the personal struggles, drama, and opportunities that we were exploring at that particular point of time. Of course, we’re all headed to the same place. I don’t want to sound morbid here nor do I want to sound like a downer but it’s the truth.

It pays to just stop for a moment and not only smell the roses but listen to the music. Believe me, the early 80’s was a great time for guitar music. Sometimes, I watch a lot of Joe Piscopo videos and it’s really a nostalgic time because when he does his Frank Sinatra impressions, and he does his other schtick in between the laughs, there’s also tears of nostalgia.

Let’s face it, every single day you live will be gone permanently. You’ll never be able to rewind the time to go back to that day. There’s no restoration point to borrow a concept from your windows operating system for your personal life. Once you blow through that day, it’s gone.

So live every day like it was your last. But also, look at past music. Enjoy the nostalgia. This is why I love hearing great guitar music. Little did I know that guitar music is not an accident. This amazing music was a product of the right guitar brands.

So if you want to find more info on this great guitar brands that produce this distinctive sound that basically summarized a past historical era, check out this website. It really is amazing. It’s not exactly a trip down memory lane. It’s actually something more. Never ever underestimate the power of music to memorialize or mark a particular time frame in your past. Sometimes, you only need to hear part of a melody for you to get quickly transported to a different time and place. That’s how powerful music can be.