Throughout his long career as an entertainer, Joe Piscopo has also given back to the community.

Time to give back

He supports many charities with his involvement and visibility as a public figure. Joe is a great guy that supports these many charities because he believes in assisting his local community. Raised as a New Jersey native, Joe Piscopo primarily focuses his attention on charities in that area. And while Joe Piscopo has been supporting charities that have already been established, he also has started charities of his own. All of these charities have done great working in supporting the community that they have been established in.
One community outreach program that Joe Piscopo has started is The Positive Impact Foundation. This is a foundation that is dedicated to providing positive examples in media for young people who are at risk. And one of the achievements of this foundation is the creation of positive impact television. This television series produces media that are prime examples for the youth to follow. These television productions provide examples for model behavior and other good habits that young people can aspire to. The foundation continues to support the arts in creating positive role models for young people to follow on TV.
Joe Piscopo also supports the Boys and Girls Club of Monmouth County. This is a club that is a private non-profit that actively has got children involved in various club activities. The club hopes that providing at-risk young people with club support, that they will develop better habits. This club primarily is aimed towards kids who are in difficult circumstances, such as broken homes. And they are primarily located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. They have got two facilities at New Jersey. And those two facilities alone has served thousands of children who lead a difficult life.

Mr. Piscopo also has received numerous awards for his charity and community work. Twice, he has already won father of the year around, presented to him by the national council for Father’s day. He has also been awarded by the many non-profit foundations and charities, as being a volunteer of the year. Joe Piscopo is willing to volunteer at many charity events and functions. He will perform his stand-up comedy routines and even sing as well. His various volunteer and community work has earned him praised even from the Columbia division of the New York police department as well.
Joe also actively makes time for his family, of four children. He says that his drive for doing charity work is because he is a family man at heart. He strives to be a model citizen in his community; he hopes to set a good example for his children, as a father. If you are a fan of Joe Piscopo, you should also think about supporting the charities that Joe supports too. This is a great way that you can show your support for Joe. You can learn more about the other charities that he supports if you tune into his radio show.