Joe Piscopo is an actor, singer, comedian, radio host, and general all around entertainer.

About Joe Piscopo

Joe Piscopo is an actor, singer, comedian, radio host, and general all around entertainer. He has worked in many fields in the entertainment business. And all of his ventures have earned high praise from audiences and critics alike. Throughout his long and varied career in the arts, Joe Piscopo has worked many different kinds of jobs. He has been in television shows, films, live concerts, and much more. Joe Piscopo has certainly led a very colorful life.

Early Life

He was born in the year 1951. He is a New Jersey native, born in Passaic. He was raised in North Caldwell where he went to school at the West Essex High School. While he was in High School, he was active in the drama club. So he started his ambitions in working in the entertainment field while he was still young. While he was in his High School drama club, he was well-known for his ability to play the various parts more creatively. Joe went to college in 1969. He studied broadcast management in Jones College, Florida.

Breakout success

Joe has been on many television shows throughout his career. However, his most famous role has probably been on Saturday Night Live. He was initially brought onto the show in 1980, wherein all of the writers and actors were being revamped. Joe Piscopo was one of the comedians that were selected to replace the original cast members of the comedy show. Initially, only his performance, along with another comedian, has a good reception from the audience. This praise and mass appeal of his performances led producers of Saturday Night Live to hire him on again for the next season. Joe Piscopo has portrayed many characters with his brand of humor. He has played Frank Sinatra, wherein even Sinatra himself endorsed Piscopo’s performance. Joe has also done other characters in Saturday Night Live such as the Sports Guy.

Joe continued to work on Saturday Night Live throughout the 1980’s. For the next five years, he was a staple on the comedy show. Viewers of Saturday Night Live certainly remember the mark Joe has left on the comedy show.

Hollywood films

Joe has also been in some Hollywood productions as well. He is probably most well-known for co-starring with Danny DeVito on the Wise Guys. He has also starred with other big names in Hollywood such as with Michael Keaton on Johnny Dangerously. Joe has portrayed all of his characters on film with conviction. And his film performances have earned him high praise from audiences and film critics. Joe Piscopo continues to work on films up to this day, and you can certainly expect to see some of his new films coming out in the next coming years.

What is Joe Piscopo up to today?

You can regularly listen to Joe on his morning radio show on AM 970. It airs from 6 to 10 AM every weekday. You can listen to him talk about politics, current events and so much more on his radio show. You can also see him as a guest panel on Fox News. He is also regularly featured as one of the co-hosts many events and parades in New York City.